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4 Benefits of Managing Electrical Compliance Digitally

4 Benefits of Managing Electrical Compliance Digitally
How often do people complain about red tape at work? Compliance is often seen as a hassle to businesses, slowing down productivity and taking focus from other tasks. This may be true in particular circumstances, but when it comes to electrical compliance, it is unquestionably necessary.

Assessing risks and ensuring safety is vital in every workplace. Business owners are responsible for all employees, customers and visitors to their site and must prove that every element of their infrastructure is compliant with industry standards.

Thankfully, that can be made easier thanks to digital electrical compliance, which is extremely convenient and much smoother than paper records. Let's have a look at four key benefits…

1. Compliance

Unlimited data such as inspection and maintenance reports can be saved in secure cloud storage. That means industry-standard documents, such as certificates and health and safety legislation can be accessed and saved on your device, so you are able to refer easily to them when needed. Taking pictures of any risks or health and safety concerns will help to keep on top of any repairs needed before inspections are due too.

2. Time

The speed and efficiency of compliance are improved by going digital. You will save time searching for a particular document digitally, in comparison to looking for a physical file or image. Reports can be generated immediately after inspections are carried out and sent on quickly to keep to essential deadlines.

3. Money

It is easy to misplace documents and files, leading to you having to pay for a replacement or redo an inspection. You can also end up having to pay a penalty for non-compliance if you lose certificates or miss deadlines. Using a digital system for your electrical compliance avoids the risk of this happening.

4. Convenience

With all your documents stored digitally, it will be easier and more straightforward to have the information at hand – with no need for lengthy searches through filing cabinets or storage boxes. Cloud storage offers unlimited space for your documents and other data, removing concerns over whether to keep files or get rid of them to make room for newer data. Not to mention that the ability to log in from any device is also extremely convenient.

So, how does it work?

Going digital means eliminating the need for physical paperwork. To achieve that, Volta Compliance uses a secure digital compliance portal. Every one of our customers has access to an easy-to-use client dashboard, where you'll find all the documents you need in one place.

Depending on the services required, this can include EICR reports along with certificates for PAT testing, fire alarms, emergency lighting and minor works.

As well as giving you a single place to store all your important documents, you can view and download certificates in a few clicks and access them on any device with an internet connection.

Manage your digital compliance with Volta

Managing electrical compliance can create a major headache for business owners. Volta Compliance simplifies this process with our innovative approach and digital portal.

If you would like the benefits of digital compliance for your business, visit Volta Compliance at Holiday Park and Resort Innovation by registering to attend today!



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