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23 Aug 2023

7 compelling reasons UK farmers should install solar PV systems on their empty roof space

You'd be hard pressed to find a time in history when energy spend was such an integral consideration in farming operation. Future proofing isn't just wise, it's all but a necessity given the uncertain state of the energy market - especially with expert predictions stating there will be no reprieve until well beyond 2030. Alternative solutions are available and they're surprisingly easy to adopt. Here are a few reasons why solar PV is being adopted by agricultural leaders througout the UK. 


  1. Attractive Return on Investment (ROI):
    Solar PV systems offer a significant return on investment for UK farmers and other businesses with applicable roof space. The cost of installing solar panels has decreased dramatically over the years, while the efficiency and durability of the technology have improved. All-in-all the system can pay itself off in as little as 2.5 years, giving you up to 17.5 years of free, clean energy!
    Couple the above with the UK government's Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), farms can also generate income by selling surplus electricity back to the grid, further enhancing the financial returns.
  2. The Further Risk of Rising UK Electricity Costs:
    As we all know, electricity costs in the UK have been trending upwards for some time. By installing a solar PV system, your agricultural business can significantly reduce its electricity bill and you'll stand to protect yourself against future price hikes.
    Generating clean, renewable energy on-site helps your farm become more self-sufficient, reducing dependence on the national grid and its unpredictable associated costs.
  3. Enhanced Marketability:
    Embracing sustainable practices, such as solar energy, can drastically improve your marketability and legitimacy to your supply chain. Consumers, clients and suppliers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious – there's now a distinct appreciation for businesses that prioritize sustainability.
    Promoting your use of renewable energy sources demonstrates a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, which resonates with any individual vested in the wellbeing of future generations.
  4. Positive Sustainability Credentials:
    Solar PV systems help farms reduce their carbon emissions by generating clean, renewable energy. This contributes to the national and global fight against climate change, plus serves to showcase your industry and its representatives as responsible stewards of the environment.
    By installing solar panels, you're clearly demonstrating your commitment to sustainable farming practices, encouraging positive relationships with consumers, stakeholders and suppliers.
  5. Government Support & Incentives – plus our PPA model:
    The UK government is known to actively support the adoption of solar PV systems for agricultural businesses. In addition to the SEG scheme mentioned earlier, there are various grants and incentives available to assist you with the initial installation costs.
    If those incentives are simply not enough to justify any upfront cost to you then consider our Power Purchase Agreement. We'll install solar panels for free (they remain our property) and will sell power to you at a rate that will still save you approx. 30% on your electricity bills.
    Taking advantage of these incentives can significantly reduce the upfront investment required and accelerate the payback period for your solar PV system.
  6. Energy Resilience and Independence:
    Installing a solar PV system empowers you to produce their own electricity, reducing vulnerability to power outages and supply disruptions.
    The predictable and abundant nature of solar energy ensures a reliable and consistent source of power, allowing you to maintain operation even during temporary grid failures or adverse weather conditions.
  7. Supporting Statistics and Case Studies:
    Current solar PV systems have a payback period of around 2.5-5 years, with an average return on investment being between 25 and 40%.
    The National Farmers' Union (NFU) reports that over 8,000 farms in the UK have already installed solar panels, totalling over 360 MW of installed capacity.
    Studies have shown that incorporating solar into agricultural operations can result in cost savings of up to £300 million annually for the UK farming sector.
    By installing solar PV systems on empty roof space, you can benefit from substantial financial returns, reduced electricity costs, enhanced marketability, improved sustainability credentials, and a reliable source of clean energy.
    With recent announcements that we may hit the 1.5 degree threshold in as little as 4 years from now there is no better time to get started.
    We're happy to give you a free consultation and site review at your convenience.
    Contact us here to get started or download our solar brochure for additional information.


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