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24 Oct 2023

We Will Get There Again

'We will get there again' is one of the many mantras Marcelle (my mother and boss) has instilled in me since I was a wee en. We believe that this mantra has played a key role in getting us this far and more importantly getting us further. 

'We Will Get There Again' 

This mantra confused me for the longest time, I'd always ask where, when and how. It took me working alongside Marcelle to understand that these questions where superfluous, what was important was the belief, that we would in fact get to wherever we were or wherever we wish to be. Using this belief, we strive to take all in our stride. Knowing that no matter what: the Warehouse isn't wintered proofed? Wrap up, get out there and do what needs doing to make it ready. Brexit means you must pay VAT upfront for machine imports. Best believe we will find some financier. Haulier makes a mistake, and a machine isn't going to arrive on time. Rent a van and get going.


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