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04 Jul 2024

Boost Your Brand at Trade Shows with a Mascot Character Costume

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Boost Your Brand at Trade Shows with a Mascot Character Costume
HTLH Petunia at HLTH Europe, image courtesy of Benjamin Arthur Photography
When it comes to making a memorable impression at trade shows, few strategies are as effective as incorporating a mascot character costume. Here’s why a mascot can be a game-changer for your trade show presence:

They Attract Attention and Inject Fun

A vibrant, eye-catching mascot character draws attendees to your stall, adding a layer of fun to the event. Trade shows can be crowded but a lively mascot stands out, making your brand approachable and engaging, they really help to break the ice with your prospective clients.

“Everybody has been lovinggggggggg Petunia! Honestly, the feedback has been so, so positive and she's been getting A LOT of attention during the show this week!”

Jett Ruvetsa HLTH Europe

Give Your Brand Legs

A mascot literally gives your brand legs, roaming the trade show floor, interacting with attendees, and spreading your brand’s message far beyond your booth. A larger-than-life character makes your brand more dynamic and memorable, reinforcing your presence throughout the event.

They Embody Your Brand

Your mascot serves as the public face of your brand, embodying its values and personality. It’s crucial that the costume is high quality, as a well-crafted mascot enhances your customers’ brand perception and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Ensuring your mascot is practical for the performer, easy to move around in, with a great range of vision is essential to help them to give the performance their all and really bring your brand’s personality to life.

“You don't know how much joy and happiness your costume has brought to the world.   Kids were queuing up, everybody laughed, he is amazing. You can not look at him in real life and not smile, well done, thank you so much.”

Nidal Agha  Arab Cargo

Boost Social Media Engagement

A mascot is a fantastic tool for generating shareable online content. Attendees love snapping photos with mascots, and these photos often make their way onto various social media platforms, significantly boosting your brand’s visibility.

Adding a QR code or hashtag to your mascot’s costume, as offered by Costumes With Character, makes it easy for people to connect with your brand online and share their experiences.

Whether it is a larger-than-life recreation of your product, or your logo or brand mascot, incorporating a character costume into your trade show strategy is a playful yet powerful way to enhance your brand’s visibility, engage with attendees, and create a memorable experience that extends far beyond the event itself.



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