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13 Mar 2024

Construction started on the new office

Maxxton Software Stand information: HP1046
Construction started on the new office
To facilitate our further growth, we have begun the construction of a new office

Modern and inspiring workspaces

Our new headquarters will be a spacious and modern building. We are constructing this new headquarters in collaboration with Koole Controls. This partnership provides the necessary economies of scale. Together, for example, we were able to secure a large plot of land, design a brand-new building, and implement general facilities that we could not have achieved independently. The building will feature abundant natural light and will include an atrium with a glass façade. Furthermore, consideration will be given to the various types of tasks. This includes large reception areas for meetings with clients and partners, as well as a variety of workspaces. These range from small cabins for one-on-one meetings to modern assembly spaces for Koole Controls, specialising in smart solutions for holiday parks, such as smart locks. We remain committed to progressiveness, believing that the design and amenities will enhance service delivery and promote a positive work environment. The office environment fosters a sense of home, extending even to client visits for training and presentations.


  • Holiday Parks & Resorts Innovation Zone
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