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21 Sep 2023

Crafting Visual Masterpieces with Tastily and David Gandy

Crafting Visual Masterpieces with Tastily and David Gandy

We're thrilled to reveal our latest production venture with Tastily, a brand on a mission to revolutionise the ready-meal industry. Tastily has an ethos that resonates with us at Wallbreaker — to deliver nothing short of extraordinary. To take this project to the next level, we had the privilege of partnering with none other than the renowned fashion model, David Gandy.

A Fusion of Style and Culinary Excellence

When Tastily approached us, they had a clear vision — to create a compelling video marketing campaign that successfully merges the worlds of lifestyle and food. With David Gandy at the forefront, the goal was to craft a visual narrative that encapsulates Tastily's commitment to delivering exceptional and healthy ready meals.

We set out to create a visual feast that marries the enigmatic charisma of Gandy with the irresistible allure of Tastily's product range. Our production team worked closely with Gandy, capturing his passion and personal connection to the Tastily brand.

Cooking up Creativity

Every shot was meticulously planned and executed, from tantalising close-ups of Tastily's exquisite dishes to expressive shots of Gandy doing a foot taste test and discussing his opinions on eating healthily when leading a busy lifestyle, and how Tastily helps facilitate this. The result is a captivating video campaign that not only whets the appetite but also leaves a lasting impression when viewed on Instagram and Facebook.

In the crowded digital world, Tastily now stands out, sizzles, and tantalises digital taste buds. This project underscores our capability to deliver high-quality content that tells a brand's story, resonates with target audiences, and compels engagement.

With this successful partnership, we've helped take Tastily from the pantry to the spotlight. We are excited about the potential this video series offers Tastily, as they continue their journey of offering unique and healthy ready-meals. At Wallbreaker, we look forward to stirring up more creative campaigns that bring brands to life.


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