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Environmental benefits of EVs

Environmental benefits of EVs

For the move to EVs to be a success, much of the UK still needs to be educated about the benefits of driving an EV, particularly for the environment. 

Electric vehicles and the environment

Much research has been carried out to determine if EVs are, in fact, any better for the environment than petrol and diesel cars. The argument against this is that the manufacturing process for EV batteries itself is harmful for the environment. However much has changed over recent years, and processes are becoming greener. Manufacturers are putting regulations and guidelines in place to ensure suppliers are using renewable energy sources during production, and the amount of harmful emisisons diminish.

Once the car is produced, there is significantly less harm done to the environment from EVs as compared to petrol and diesel cars. This is because EVs are zero-emission vehicles once built, unlike petrol and diesel cars that are continuously emitting greenhouse gasses. Even when the production of the electricity used to power EVs is taken into consideration, the European Energy Agency found in their study, that the carbon emissions of EVs are around 17-30% lower than a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Additional environmental benefits to EVs

On top of the benefits EVs provide in lowering harmful emissions, they can also decrease noise pollution, particularly in urban areas. EVs are much quieter than conventional vehicles, thus creating a more peaceful environment.

Functional, lightweight materials are needed for EVs with greater range and a smaller carbon footprint. This has not been easy for EV manufacturers, as the traditionally used metal and plastic are not sustainable and create pollution. However with advances in technology, recycled and organic materials are proving to be comparable to these materials, plus they're strong, durable and environmentally friendly too!

Ultimately, the decision to switch to EVs is about looking towards the future. EVs are a cleaner, more environmentally responsible and sustainable transportation option. It is our job as a society to do what we can to lower this figure and create a more sustainable and green world for both ourselves and future generations. Some of these switches can be difficult, expensive, and life altering, but switching to an EV is a relatively low impact change, allowing us to easily carry on with our lives, causing us minimal difficulties, all the while having a huge impact on lowering individual carbon footprints.

Here at Get Charging, we aim to become one of the leaders in EV charge point installation, and to lead a way in introducing innovative solutions to help create a more sustainable environment. Contact us to find out how we can help you.


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