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02 Oct 2023

The Evolution of the staycation

The Evolution of the staycation

The great British staycation has taken many forms; from the popular spa towns of the 1800s to the seaside escape boom brought about by the advent of paid holiday leave and the rise to prominence of the caravan.

For their time, their popularity was unparalleled, but times change and the thoughts of what constitutes the perfect staycation evolve.

Post-pandemic, exploring the best of Britain has returned to being the trip of choice. But 2023 marks the start of a new era in how we holiday. Evolution by Victory is Victory Leisure Homes' world first solution to the sustainable staycation.

A study commissioned by the luxury holiday home manufacturer reveals the new generation of traveller is inspired to stay closer to home and has the environmental impact of their travel at the forefront of their mind, with two thirds of people surveyed* (66 per cent) saying that the environment played a big part in their holiday planning.

With the staycation boom showing no signs of letting up, the holiday home and lodge industry continues to thrive. But true sustainability is only just being truly considered – thanks to Victory.

But what makes the new, virtually off-grid Evolution by Victory holiday home so sustainable?

  • The roof is Greenpeace approved and holds 10 solar panels - which generate enough power to save over £1,000 a year on energy bills
  • An integrated wastewater heat recovery system saves so much water that one in every three showers is free
  • Hybrid window glazing means thermal insulation is over 40 per cent more efficient than current industry standards require
  • It features a low wattage electric boiler
  • All walls and ceiling have enhanced thermal efficiency

James Doyle, CEO of Victory said: “The staycation industry is booming and its popularity shows no signs of going away, but the shape our UK holidays take will take on a new form.

“As with every major moment throughout the history of the staycation, their impact has been significant and transformative. Look at the advent of paid holiday leave opening up seaside holidays, to the working classes in towns like Scarborough and Blackpool, consider the swathe of holidaymakers making their way to Butlins for an all-inclusive redcoat experience, and remember how every other car used to be towing a caravan. Evolution by Victory is next.

“As the next generation of holidaymaker becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, it's only natural that these factors should play a greater role in their travel plans and we're proud to be at the forefront of this change.”



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