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10 May 2023

Off-Grid Log Cabins

Off-Grid Log Cabins
off-grid log cabin foundaitons

We provided the solid foundations for two off-grid log cabins over areas of soft ground with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Sitting within a remote location of the Scottish Borders, access to the site was limited and over rough ground, so all materials and installation equipment required transporting to each plot by hand.

Ground conditions were peaty, resulting in the installation of RADIX Screw Piles to depths of between 3.1m and 4.1m across both plots to achieve good load-bearing capacity and stability.

All ground screws were installed with the deployment of our portable handheld turning machines, offering the flexibility and capacity to install each cabin's foundations to the required depths in this remote location without disruption to the surrounding landscape.

  • Plot One: 29 no. RADIX EXT 89mm extendable screw piles were installed to a depth of 3.1m
  • Plot Two: 24 no. RADIX EXT 89mm extendable screw piles were installed to a depth of 4.1m

The building of the bespoke off-grid cabins commenced immediately upon the successful installation of the foundations, each plot completed in one day.

Discover more about this project on our website at

If you would like to discuss building on our efficient and low-impact ground screw foundations, please give our expert team a call on 0800 107 5229.

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