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05 Oct 2023

Promote visitor Attractions with Photo Boards

Promote visitor Attractions with Photo Boards
Dartford's Big Day Out

When it comes to promoting visitor attractions, photo boards can be an incredibly effective tool. Our boards, which typically feature fun and engaging graphics, are designed to encourage visitors to take photos of themselves or their group in front of (or behind) the board. Commonly, these photos would then be shared on social media platforms.

See below some reasons photo boards are so effective when promoting your historical or modern events:

Social Media Exposure for Visitor Attractions

In today's social media-driven world, word-of-mouth marketing has become more important than ever. When visitors share photos of themselves in front of a photo board on social media, they're essentially endorsing the attraction to their entire network. This will help enhance the exposure of your attraction and help visitors to create a valuable experience with you.

Attractions & Engagement

Photo boards are designed to be fun and engaging, which makes them a great way to get visitors excited about an event. When visitors are expressing a lively nature with an attraction in a positive way, they're more likely to remember it and recommend it to others. This exposure can be incredibly valuable for attracting new customers and increasing awareness. This leads us to the next benefit.

Memorable Experiences

People remember experiences that are unique and enjoyable. Photo boards provide visitors with an opportunity to create an entertaining and memorable moment that they'll associate with the attraction. This positive association can help ensure that visitors remember you long after they've left.

Cost Effective

Our photo boards are available in a range of sizes, therefore suitable for most budgets. Once the board is designed and printed, it can be used over and over again without incurring additional costs. Our boards are durable and weatherproof, also our folding boards are a great investment as they are even easier to store and use annually or seasonally! This makes photo boards a cost-effective option for attractions with limited marketing budgets.


Customising your photo board to fit your attractions branding will enhance the recognition of your business. With Photo CutOuts you can create a completely bespoke design. We recommend including your brand colours and logos, hashtags and social handles.This makes them a versatile tool that can be used time and time again to promote a wide range of things. Whether you're looking to promote museums or theme parks, products or awareness campaigns, our photo boars are suitable for any promotion!

In conclusion, photo boards are a highly effective tool for promoting your attraction. They provide a range of exposure techniques as we have discussed above. By incorporating photo boards into your marketing strategies, attractions can increase their visibility and attract new visitors.


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