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29 Sep 2023

A Recipe for Success: Gousto Training Videos

A Recipe for Success: Gousto Training Videos

In the world of culinary endeavours, Gousto holds a prime position with its fresh, easy-to-follow recipe boxes. As a company committed to simplifying the cooking process, it was only fitting that they would seek to streamline their training methods as well.


Enter the Gousto Training Video Series, an innovative project we undertook with the goal to transform the conventional in-person training to a less time-consuming, more cost-effective method. Our mission was simple: create a series of training videos that would encapsulate essential information in an engaging, easy-to-digest format.

With a dash of creativity, a pinch of technical know-how, and a generous helping of strategic planning, we set to work. We focused on creating content that was precise and comprehensive, ensuring every employee could benefit from it, regardless of their culinary expertise. We transformed complex training modules into easily consumable video content, allowing for increased efficiency and giving staff the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Our approach was twofold: show and tell. The videos showcased step-by-step demonstrations of various culinary techniques, alongside visual explanations of safety protocols and equipment handling. We left no stone unturned, ensuring each aspect of Gousto's operations was covered.

The result? A series of training videos that delivered more than just instruction; they served as a virtual mentor for Gousto's team. The videos not only saved significant time and resources previously allocated to in-person training but also supported consistency in the standards of service across the enterprise.

Our collaboration with Gousto is a testament to our belief that the right content can revolutionise business operations. And as we continue to stir up the world of content creation, we remain committed to serving up solutions that are as innovative as they are effective. The Gousto Training Video Series is just one such creation. Stay tuned for more from our creative kitchen.


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