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20 Sep 2023

Rice Straws Achieve Certification FDA, HACCP, and ISO 22000 Endorsements Confirmed

Rice Straws Achieve Certification FDA, HACCP, and ISO 22000 Endorsements Confirmed
Eco Touch: Sip sustainably with our durable rice straws, the eco-friendly choice that outlasts, outperforms, and uplifts communities.

At Eco Touch, we're proud to share a sip of success and sustainability with our latest milestone.  Join us as we unfurl the details of how Eco Touch rice straws are not just winning hearts but also prestigious FDA, HACCP, and ISO 22000 endorsements. Dive into our story of certified excellence and discover why every straw we make is a stride towards a cleaner planet.

Eco Touch Rice Straws: A Trio of Certifications Seal the Deal of Trust
We're thrilled to announce that Eco Touch rice straws have earned the seal of approval from three major regulatory bodies: the FDA, HACCP, and ISO 22000. This trifecta of endorsements is not just a win for us but a leap forward for consumers and the industry seeking sustainable options.

FDA Approved: Safety First
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its nod to our rice straws, ensuring that they meet stringent safety standards. This means you can sip with confidence, knowing that your straw is free from harmful substances.

HACCP Certified: Quality at Every Step
HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. By meeting HACCP standards, Eco Touch rice straws have been recognized for minimizing the risk of food safety hazards.

ISO 22000: Global Food Safety Standard
ISO 22000 is a globally recognized food safety management system. This certification confirms that Eco Touch rice straws are produced, packed, handled, and distributed while adhering to the highest standards of food safety.

What This Means for You
These certifications are more than just badges; they are a promise of quality, safety, and sustainability. They underscore our commitment to providing products that not only stand up to global standards but also support your eco-conscious lifestyle. With Eco Touch, you're choosing a product that's recognized for excellence worldwide.

As we celebrate this achievement, we want to thank you, our customers, for your unwavering support. Your choice to go green with Eco Touch rice straws is making waves in the industry, pushing us all towards a more sustainable future.

Raise your glasses (with Eco Touch straws, of course) to a healthier planet and a brighter tomorrow!


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