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12 Oct 2023

Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money

Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money
Groundbreaaker's LoFlo, a simple solution to saving water

Meeting the challenge of water scarcity

Helping your business become more water efficient, without active customer engagement.

Asking people to save water, especially on a wet bank holiday, might feel like you're rubbing salt into the wound. But despite the image of a rain-soaked country, water scarcity is real in the UK.

If water usage patterns don't change, the UK will have an ongoing water deficit of 4,000 Megalitres per day by 2050.  Reducing personal daily water consumption (per capita consumption, PCC) is a national target to help solve this issue. 

So how can your business be more water aware, without placing that responsibility on visitors or residents?

In most of the UK, water is supplied at a higher pressure than is needed to do daily tasks like washing hands and cleaning teeth.  This results in more water being used than needed, effectively clean water running down the drain.  

It is now common to see low water consumption toilets, washing machines and dishwashers, and fittings on taps, and showers to reduce the water used.  But across a site with multiple units, installation of all these devices can add up to a significant cost.

Groundbreaker have an alternative.  Instead of multiple devices, a single LoFlo can be fitted at the point of entry to the property.  Doing the same job as all those shower heads and tap fittings, the flow of water is reduced, so reducing the waste at a fraction of the cost.

In recent trails, run by a UK water company, not a single customer wanted the LoFlo removed after the trial.  

For a cost-effective way to save water, save energy and save money come and see us at stand FM644


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