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25 Sep 2023

Solar and battery storage

Solar and battery storage
Battery Energy Storage systems (BESS) case study

Our solutions are designed to store energy from Solar, wind, and Biomass generation or harness lower cost off-peak electricity from the grid. This power can then be used to reduce energy bills, and Carbon emissions. Also stored electricity can provide uninterrupted power supply in times of grid supply interruption for critical loads. Our product range includes, domestic and commercial, Grid-tied, Hybrid interactive, and off-grid systems. 


The Agri-Sector in Ireland have technical challenges around grid connection limits and intermittent renewable generation. James Dairy Farm in Kilkenny has substantial energy costs with the use of robotic milking amongst other high demand equipment.
Zhyphen are delighted to have installed a Hybrid Semi-Grid Connected and Off-grid solution, to offer low-cost off-peak power to be stored in batteries for use during the day or night. This system design will ultimately enable any size of renewable generation to be installed, as opposed to being limited by the 6kW Microgeneration limit imposed by the local utility operator /Distribution network operator (DNO


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