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06 Aug 2023

Thirlestane Castle Woodland Lodges

Thirlestane Castle Woodland Lodges
Thirlestane Castle Woodland Lodges

Collaborating with the client, engineers and lodge manufacturer to complete the bespoke design, manufacture and installation of robust screw pile foundations for Thirlestane Castle's Woodland Lodges.

A series of beautiful 40ft luxury holiday lodges overlooking the stunning 16th-century Thirlestane Castle.

Due to the woodland location and the client's respect for the surrounding environment, screw pile foundations provided a low-carbon and efficient alternative to traditional concrete bases.

Each lodge's steel chassis needed a specific screw pile layout with bespoke pads to align accurately with jacking points on the underside. It was critical these were correctly specified and positioned, meeting both the engineer's and manufacturer's requirements.

Screw piles with eyebolts were installed to provide the tethering points with adequate tensile capacity, securing the lodges in place and preventing any uplift from strong winds.

Efficient installation was achieved with our range of powerful machines driving 1.2m and 2.0m RADIX PRO Ground Screws to their load-bearing capacities, including our tracked hydraulic rig, REX.

Each lodge's foundations were completed within a day, allowing for swift installation of lodges to continue with minimum environmental impact.


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