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Water tank cleaning and disinfection

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  • Water tank cleaning and disinfection
  • Water tank cleaning and disinfection
  • Water tank cleaning and disinfection
Water tank cleaning and disinfection Water tank cleaning and disinfection Water tank cleaning and disinfection

Our team of engineers are fully equipped to clean and disinfect water tanks and storage systems of all sizes. We work with homes and businesses across the UK, to keep water supplies safe for humans and the environment. Using our specialist equipment, our engineers will remove debris, limescale and accumulated grime from the tank itself, and its parts. As part of the process, we disinfect the tank, to prevent contamination.


Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Water Tank Cleaning 

Once water is stored, it is exposed to the surrounding environment and susceptible to contamination and degradation. This can allow conditions to develop which causes the rapid growth of harmful microorganisms. It is recommended to regularly inspect water storage tanks, clean and disinfect them on an annual basis as part of an ongoing maintenance service program.

JN Environmental are trained and equipped to thoroughly clean and disinfect water tanks of all sizes and materials, whether on private or commercial property, as well as larger industrial facilities. These water tanks can vary from a 500-litre single domestic dwelling to a 50000-litre sectional water tank supplying a commercial holiday park.

Each of our professionally trained engineers are confined space entry trained and hold all the relevant qualifications for chlorinating water systems.

 Why Should You Clean Your Water Tanks?

The proliferation of bacteria dangerous to human health, such as legionella, cryptosporidium and e-coli, can occur due to sludge and nutrient build-up in all kinds of water tank. Even with a UV cleaning system, dirty water tanks could still contaminate a water system. Once the works have been completed, you will receive a disinfection certificate.

If a water tank is not regularly cleaned, it can shorten the life of your water system, causing rust and small breakages to occur over time. This can lead to additional expenses that could be avoided. It also stops debris blocking pipes and filters. 

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