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Covid: Before and after – Enjoying the great outdoors

Covid: Before and after – Enjoying the great outdoors

The Coronavirus pandemic changed the world, forcing many businesses to close and affecting millions of lives. It also prompted businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry to reinvent themselves, with some discovering new business opportunities they hadn't previously considered. 


The challenges of the pandemic 

For many businesses, especially in the hospitality and tourism industry, the situation was extremely challenging. This was partly due to a lack of clarity and conflicting information, as well as having to keep up with national and regional legislations. 

In some cases, these challenges forced businesses to keep their doors shut for the foreseeable future, or close completely. 


The opportunities post lock down 

Once lockdown was lifted, restrictions meant that attractions which usually prioritised indoor offerings due to the unpredictable UK weather, started to invest in their outdoor areas. 

Not only did this allow businesses to start welcoming visitors again, but it inspired them to increase their offering, with some being able to use their outdoor space to provide unique experiences for their guests. 

Some businesses found it easier to bounce back than others. For example, the Office for National Statistics found that campsites and related activities were the “only sub-sector to have had periods of growth during the pandemic, with turnover higher in summer and parts of winter 2020, compared with 2019 levels.” 


Making the most of your outdoor space 

There are plenty of activities you could add to your accommodation or attraction to allow visitors to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather. 

On your bike – Help your guests to discover the local area by providing rental bikes. 

Experience life on the farm - If your site is on a farm, you can give guests a memorable experience by allowing them to get involved with feeding animals, riding horses, or even walking alpacas. 

Set yourself apart - Offer something different to your guests by running outdoor activities, such as yoga and meditation, providing walking routes, paint balling, or hosting outdoor cooking lessons. 


Whether you are a seasoned industry professional, or looking to open your first venture, you’ll find a whole host of innovative ideas at our co-located shows dedicated to supporting rural businesses, holiday parks, and the leisure and attractions industry - Farm Business Innovation (link) and Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show. 

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