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Farms and Vending Machines: A perfect pairing?

Farms and Vending Machines: A perfect pairing?

The farming industry has witnessed numerous innovations, some more surprising than others. 

This article will explore an unconventional pairing, which has the potential to revolutionise the way farmers engage with consumers. 


Could a vending machine enhance your farm? 

Vending machines are a regular sight at venues across the world. Traditionally stocking food and drink, they now sell a range of items including toys, toiletries and electronics. 

The latest trend in vending machine offerings are food and drink products that come straight from the farm. From milk and eggs to potatoes and beef, farms around the UK are investing in vending machines to help them sell their produce. 


What are the benefits? 

Direct sales: Vending machines allow farmers to engage directly with customers, eliminating the need for third parties. This allows farmers to retain a larger share of the profit, whilst building a connection with the consumer. 

Convenience: Imagine fresh farm produce 24 hours a day – a vending machine makes that possible! Giving customers this flexibility is a huge benefit they wouldn’t get with a typical farm shop. 

Reducing costs: By using vending machines, farmers can make their operations more efficient, minimising costs such as staffing and training. Less overheads mean resources can be focused on the farm instead. 


What are the challenges? 

When considering whether investing in a vending machine is right for your farm, it’s important to analyse the pros and cons.  

As well as financial resource, you’ll also need to invest time and effort into making your new offering a success. This includes ensuring you have planned for elements such as security and maintenance, as well as stock monitoring to ensure you’re providing fresh produce.  


What next? 

Adding a vending machine to your offerings could be a great way to provide your farm with additional income, whilst keeping control of your pricing and profit margins. 

You can learn more about vending machines and other ways to make additional revenue for your farm by joining us at the Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show, 6-7 November. 


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