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Rise of interest in Agricultural Tourism after Clarksons Farm

Rise of interest in Agricultural Tourism after Clarksons Farm

Interest Rises in Agricultural Tourism after Clarkson’s Farm

Film and TV have a way of giving a magical touch to real life destinations, helping to inspire visitors to visit new and unique locations.

Research shows that the third season of Clarkson’s Farm is impacting tourism, with searches for farm holidays and experiences increasing.

Bókun, a booking management software provider, revealed there has been a 312% rise on searches for ‘Where is Clarkson’s Farm’ and a 340% increase in searches for ‘Diddly Squat Farm Shop.’

Farming Experiences in Demand But it’s not just Clarkson’s Farm which is attracting attention, a range of UK farming experiences have also seen a surge in searches from tourists. For example, in the past week, Rutland Farm Park has seen a 200% growth in searches.

It’s clear that viewers are keen to embrace agricultural experiences, with searches for ‘cow cuddling farm’, ‘pygmy goat petting zoo' and ‘alpaca walking experience near me' all growing by over 300%.

A Fascinating Phenomenon Daniel Hasselbach, UK Country Manager of Bókun, has described the impact that film and pop culture has on tourist tendencies as a ‘fascinating phenomenon'.

This effect was witnessed earlier in the year when the film Saltburn was released, highlighting beautiful locations in the countryside.

Driving Growth Through Diversification

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