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Sustainability – just how important is it to your customers?

Sustainability – just how important is it to your customers?
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In homes, businesses, and parliaments across the world, sustainability is a huge topic of conversation. 

Consumers are being encouraged to think about their carbon footprint and how their purchasing behaviour affects the planet. As a result, customers want to know more about how their favourite products are made and what suppliers are doing to reduce their environmental impact.  

Due to strong messaging from well-known spokespeople such as David Attenborough, issues including single use plastic packaging and landfill waste were originally a huge focus for consumers. This has evolved over the last few years, with environmentally conscious consumers now looking at other ways they can reduce their carbon footprint. 


How does this change in behaviour affect your business? 

Due to this focus on sustainability, a company’s green credentials have become an important part of the decision-making process for people looking to book their next holiday or day out. 

The holiday park, resorts, and attraction industry must adapt to this change in consumer behaviour, not only to ensure it continues to attract new and returning customers, but also so it plays its part in shaping a more sustainable world. 

Just like most industries, the tourism sector has a significant impact on the environment. From energy consumption and waste generation to water usage and land impact, traditional practices have taken a toll on natural resources and ecosystems. However, encouraged by growing consumer demand for eco-friendly experiences and embracing the benefits that a more sustainable business practice can bring, parts of the industry are undergoing an impressive transformation.

Sykes Holiday Cottages is a certified B Corp, making them part of a global community of businesses that are leading a worldwide movement for an equitable, inclusive and regenerative economy. Their Senior Impact Manager Claire Binns said, “In our industry, we should be committed to making a positive impact on our people, local communities and the planet. As well as being the right thing to do, there is increasing demand for sustainable travel options from our customers, and we’re seeing more owners looking to make changes to their properties to reduce their environmental impact”.


A smart business strategy?

Increasingly, companies within the tourism sector are exploring how a more sustainable way of doing business can provide them with a new wave of environmentally conscious consumers, including those who will pay more for a sustainable experience.

Having a clear sustainability strategy can also help to cut costs, which is why many businesses are benefiting from innovations aimed at minimising environmental impact whilst maximising guest satisfaction.

From the adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and green building practices, businesses are upgrading their operations to align with their sustainability goals.


Good for business as well as the planet

As well as making your operations more environmentally friendly, sustainability also extends to guest experiences and community engagement. Holiday parks, resorts, and attractions are increasingly offering eco-friendly accommodations, organic dining options, and nature-based activities that promote environmental awareness and conservation.

By creating a culture of sustainability among guests, these businesses are not only fulfilling their corporate responsibilities, but also nurturing a loyal customer base that values ethical and environmentally conscious experiences.

Embracing green practices can help businesses to reduce costs, enhance competitiveness, and help future-proof their operations against environmental uncertainties. Additionally, as well as providing business opportunities, sustainable practices highlight your commitment to being a responsible company, whilst helping to protect our planet's precious resources.


Need help to become more sustainable? 

Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, consumers are expecting more from the brands they buy from.  

The Holiday Parks and Resorts Zone is the perfect place to learn about sustainable practices, hear from other companies who have embraced a greener business model, and discover the latest industry innovations.


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