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Tickle your tastebuds at the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show!

Tickle your tastebuds at the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show!

When it comes to gastronomy, you’ll find a whole host of options at the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show this November. 

In our Leisure, Food & Beverage Zone you’ll explore your way through traditional culinary options, as well as the latest trends. 

You’ll also hear from industry experts as they spill the beans on products, services and solutions to help your business thrive. 


There’s a “foodie” in all of us  

Is there a taste that immediately makes you think of a place you have visited? 

Or a smell that reminds you of a dish a loved one used to make? 


From bringing back a treasured memory, to allowing us to experience different cultures without leaving the country, food plays an important part in our daily lives.  

It also has the power to enhance your customer offering, making their visit to your venue an exceptional experience. 


What does your food offering say about your business? 

The food and drink we consume when on holiday or enjoying a day out can make or break our entire experience. 

It plays a huge part in how we feel about the place we’ve visited, including how we review it to others! 

So, what can you do to ensure your business is standing out for all the right reasons? 


Spice up your business 

In a competitive market, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition by exploring ingredients, equipment, technology, and concepts that can enhance your customer offerings. 

Whether you’re looking to find new food and beverage suppliers, or want to learn about upcoming market trends, you will create valuable connections at the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show. 

Join us 6-7 November to find out how to whip up the perfect visitor experience! 

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