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13 Sep 2023

"10 Reasons to Add Outdoor Musical Instruments to Your Attraction and Boost the Fun Factor"

Playing an Outdoor Xylophone from Percussion Play

Percussion Play provides ten reasons why outdoor musical instruments are a must-have at family-friendly attractions.

  1. Playing music together is an enjoyable activity that can engage the entire family, regardless of age or skill level. Percussion Play outdoor instruments offer an excellent opportunity for guests to bond and explore their musical creativity with their loved ones in settings that prioritize togetherness.
  2. Outdoor musical instruments provide inclusive play equipment beyond traditional climbers, slides, and swings, allowing children of all abilities to play and enjoy easily.
  3. The majority of our instruments are tuned in a pentatonic scale, making it easy to create beautiful harmonies even without prior musical knowledge.
  4. Percussion Play instruments are made from durable low maintenance materials. They can be placed in any location, regardless of size or climate. Most instruments can be fixed into the ground, surface mounted, or onto a wall, quickly transforming spaces into musical play areas.
  5. Each instrument arrives either fully or partially assembled with clear, easy-to-follow installation instructions and no expensive surfacing requirements, making self-installation possible and saving on installation costs.
  6. Young people across the country are losing access to music and arts programs. Providing them with musical instruments is essential for them to discover their musical potential and enjoy music-making first hand.
  7. Our comprehensive range of instruments includes something for everyone, from drums and marimbas to xylophones, chimes, and floor pianos.
  8. Outdoor musical instruments offer cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for people of all ages, creating a heartwarming experience for kids, parents, and elders alike.
  9. Making music outside is not only enjoyable, but it can also be a great way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. When you combine being outdoors with the sensory pleasure of creating music, it can be a powerful combination.
  10. If you're searching for a harmonious combination of outdoor musical instruments but don't know where to begin, we can assist you. Our team has carefully curated ensembles and collections, selecting each instrument based on its sound and character, to ensure a memorable and harmonious blend. With our selection, you can save both time and money while obtaining a truly distinctive sound.


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