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30 Aug 2023

Mill Rythe Coastal Village: Andy Thornton x C-Side Design

Mill Rythe Coastal Village: Andy Thornton x C-Side Design
The Green Room, Mill Rythe Coastal Village

The Green Room at Mill Rythe Coastal Village, is a masterclass in combining function and aesthetics, executed flawlessly by the C-Side Design team. This entertainment venue seamlessly incorporates a restaurant and stage area, practically incorporating performance, drinking and dining under the same ceiling. Alongside a DJ booth and room for dancing, the space is ready for all eventualities.

The use of the colour green pays homage to its namesake but is natural rather than overwhelming, and invokes the great outdoors that surrounds the holiday park just outside the walls of the venue. This ambience is heightened by the artful placement of foliage that punctuates the space making the space an immersion into the natural world.

C-Side Design's creation is both elegant and effective, beautifully marrying form and function. The Green Room doesn't just provide an environment—it tells a story, a tale of seaside charm and modern luxury.

Adding to this is the subtle incorporation of seaside embellishments. Rather than being overt or clichéd, these decorations work harmoniously to tie the space back to its coastal roots. It's a delicate nod to the locale, ensuring visitors are constantly reminded of the seaside serenity that envelopes the village.

Functionally, the venue ticks all the boxes. The primary objective was to create a spacious and inviting environment that could accommodate booth seating, a sizable stage, and appropriate lighting for a diverse range of evening performances. With booth seating that promises comfort, a sizable stage ready to host a plethora of performances, and lighting that can set the mood for any event, The Green Room is versatile without compromising on style. 

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