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The Importance of Meticulous Event Planning: Lessons from the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience

The Importance of Meticulous Event Planning: Lessons from the Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience
The recent Willy Wonka's Experience in Glasgow has shed light on the significance of meticulous event planning, particularly when it comes to selecting suppliers and venues.

The BBC Scotland interviewed event actor Colin who said, "It was very disappointing to see how many people turned up at this event and found basically me dressed up as Willy Wonka in a half-abandoned warehouse." This quote from Mr. Connell emphasises the need for in depth planning and highlights the implications of falling short in delivering an immersive experience.

Today we provide guidance to consumer event planners, drawing from the insights of Verity Hyland, Event Director for the Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show.

By looking at the Willy Wonka event from both a visitor and event planner perspective, we can learn valuable lessons on avoiding similar mistakes.

1. Setting Realistic Expectations:

Verity Hyland emphasises the need to clearly define the event's brand and concept, ensuring that it sets realistic expectations while captivating the attending visitors. In the case of the Willy Wonka Event, the use of AI-generated marketing materials created unrealistic expectations. AI is still a fantastic tool for marketeers and should be used BUT to prevent this, Verity suggests complementing promotional materials with real-life pictures that accurately represent what visitors can expect at the event.

2. Meticulous Supplier Selection:

When it comes to sourcing suppliers' due diligence is key. Verity advises event planners to research and vet potential suppliers through trusted sources, such as trade shows like the LLT show, or by seeking recommendations from peers. It's crucial to consider factors like customer service and the ability of suppliers to handle unforeseen circumstances. Building a strong supplier base ensures that any setbacks are minimised and the overall impact on the event is mitigated.

3. Adaptability and Decision-Making:

Continuously monitoring the progress of the event and being prepared to adapt to unforeseen circumstances is essential. Verity highlights the importance of considering the long-term impact of decisions on the business. In hindsight, the Willy Wonka Experience organisers should have cancelled the event when they were let down by the main feature not being delivered on time. Event organisers must have the confidence to make tough decisions when necessary.

4. Plan, Review, Repeat:

The key to a successful event lies in planning, clear communication, and a commitment to delivering a unique experience for all involved. Verity emphasises the importance of following a cycle of planning, reviewing, and repeating to refine future events and improve the overall outcome.

The Glasgow Willy Wonka Experience serves as a reminder of the significance of meticulous event planning. By looking at experiences from a seasoned event planner Verity Hyland, she can guide you on how to avoid similar pitfalls and create memorable experiences for attendees.

The Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show, taking place this November at the NEC, not only provides an opportunity to connect with trusted suppliers and gain valuable experiences but also offers an exclusive 1:1 session with Verity and the LLT Marketing team in the run up to the event.

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