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Introducing the Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show: Where Industries Unite

Introducing the Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show: Where Industries Unite

In an exciting development that mirrors the ever-evolving landscape of the industries we serve, we are thrilled to announce the rebranding of our premier events - Farm Business Innovation, Holiday Park and Resort Innovation, Family Attraction Expo and Leisure Food and Beverage Expo - as the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show (LLTS).

Introducing the Land, Leisure and Tourism Show marks a significant shift in how we approach these sectors collectively. We're dedicated to breaking down barriers between industries, fostering collaboration, the cross-pollination of ideas and creating a vibrant space where land, leisure, and tourism come together to shape an exhilarating future. 

Preserving the beloved brands, embracing future possibilities 

We want to assure exhibitors, attendees and partners that this exciting rebranding journey does not signal the end of Farm Business Innovation, Holiday Park and Resort Innovation, Family Attraction Expo, or Leisure Food and Beverage Expo. Instead, we're embracing a new and dynamic way of bringing these cherished events together under the Land, Leisure, and Tourism Show. 

Our commitment to these existing zones remains unwavering. They will continue to thrive and evolve within LLTS, offering dedicated spaces for farmers and landowners, holiday park owners, family attraction creators and culinary enthusiasts. This consolidation ensures that each sector retains its unique identity and focuses on the specialised knowledge and networking opportunities you've come to expect. 

But LLTS represents more than just a rebrand; it signifies our forward-thinking approach to the ever-changing world of land, leisure, and tourism. It grants us the flexibility to explore additional zones in the future, such as outdoor pursuits and outdoor events. 

This transformation isn't about leaving behind what we know and love; it's about expanding our horizons and embracing the limitless potential of these thriving industries. Together, we will pioneer new horizons, laying the foundation for an exhilarating, unified future where innovation knows no limits. 

Here’s why this transformation is beneficial for you: 

Diverse Networking:  

The rebrand allows us to create an integrated platform where businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals from multiple industries come together. This diversity cultivates an environment where innovation flourishes, as ideas from one sector inspire advancements in others. 

Streamlined Access: 

With all our events under a single umbrella, both exhibitors and attendees can enjoy more streamlined access to a wealth of knowledge, exhibitors and networking opportunities. Whether you're a farmer exploring diversification options or a theme park owner looking to enhance your food offerings, you'll find the resources you need in one place. 

Enhanced Value: 

Exhibitors and attendees alike can expect even greater value from the events. The collaboration between different sectors stimulates creativity, innovative partnerships and fresh perspectives, opening doors to new opportunities that were previously untapped. 

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey as we redefine the boundaries of what's possible.

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