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Land Leisure and Tourism Show – Get to Know Your Zones

Land Leisure and Tourism Show – Get to Know Your Zones

We recently introduced you to our new Land, Leisure and Tourism Show. This show brings together three well established expos under one roof; Holiday Park and Resort Innovation, Family Attraction Expo and Leisure Food and Beverage Expo. 

Plus, this year we are co-locating with the Farm Business Innovation Show to help farmers and landowners find ways to diversify and optimise their land. 

The original expos will all have their own zones at the newly rebranded Land, Leisure and Tourism Show. Carry on reading to learn more about each zone and how they can help you grow your business! 

Holiday Parks Innovation Zone

The Holiday Park and Innovation Zone is the perfect place to explore new concepts and trends that are helping the holiday park industry attract new and returning visitors. 

From innovative accommodation to sustainable practices, this zone showcases the latest advancements and opportunities to current holiday park owners and those wishing to enter the sector. 

Find out more about the Holiday Parks, Resorts and Events Zone.

Family Attractions and Entertainment Zone

Previously known as “Family Attraction Expo”

In the Family Attraction and Entertainment Zone you’ll meet industry experts who can help you enhance your visitor experience. 

Connect with leading suppliers and discover opportunities to stand out from the crowd with a fun and unique visitor offering. 

Find out more about the Family Attractions and Entertainment Zone.

Leisure, Food & Beverage Zone

Previously known as “Leisure Food and Beverage Expo”

Tickle your taste buds in the Leisure, Food & Beverage Zone! Explore a diverse array of food and beverage delights and innovative products set to shake up the market. 

Learn from industry leaders and discover opportunities to enhance the leisure and dining experiences you offer your customers. 

Find out more about the Leisure, Food and Beverage Zone.

Farm Business Innovation Show

This year, we’re delighted to be co-locating with The Farm Business Innovation Show. 

The show provides farmers, landowners and agricultural professionals with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to diversify and grow their business.  

It brings together a range of businesses to help you create revenue from your land. From glamping pods to habitat land creation, the Farm Business Diversification Show will have something for you! 

Find out more about the Farm Business Innovation Show. 



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