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  • Ampyr Solar Europe

    26 Sep 2023
    With our advanced technological systems and a proficient team of experts, we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner and brighter future for all. Our innovative solar soluti ...
  • In recent years, the popularity of the self-storage industry has grown substantially. As of 2022, the turnover in the industry was £990 million according to the Self-storage Association.
  • How did you first find us? “We found Camping Cabins via their sister company, Arctic Cabins, at The Game Show and immediately bought a BBQ hut for our garden! It is absolutely loved by guests in our B ...
  • The initial concept of the farm began as a dream of husband and wife team, Dave and Sharon. Sharon suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017 and everything changed overnight. Sharon sustained a hypoxic brain ...
  • One of our standout offerings is the Kabina Range. The Kabina Range boasts an architectural design that beautifully blends modern aesthetics with rustic charm, creating a cosy and inviting space that ...
  • With mortgage rates at their highest for over 15 years , how can those buying land, looking to diversify or refinance make sure they are getting the best deal? R&BS give some tips on what to consider.
  • The I&P Story

    07 Mar 2023
    Old shipping containers are being given a new lease of life across Dumfries & Galloway and beyond as luxury holiday accommodation, offices and retail outlets.
  • Whether washing bottles, crockery and cutlery, food storage boxes, Crocs, trays, trolleys or giant Thali, Meiko ensures top-level hygiene and a benchmark by which to judge all others.
  • 15kW Solar Array

    28 Sep 2023
    Supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screw foundations and RADIX SolarTripod racking system for a 15kW solar array in Monmouthshire, Wales.
  • 500kW Solar Array

    17 Aug 2023
    Supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screw foundations and RADIX SolarTerrace racking system for a 500kW solar array in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.


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