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LLT Awards

The Land, Leisure and Tourism Awards acknowledges those who have made exceptional contributions to the industry by implementing innovative practices, ground-breaking new products and providing sustainable opportunities.

The Land, Leisure and Tourism Show is all about innovation and breaking boundaries to help you improve your business, so let's celebrate the new and exciting services and products emerging in the industry.

2023 Land, Leisure and Tourism Award Winners

Sustainability Award

This award celebrates those who are putting sustainability at the forefront of their company, product or service. With this becoming an ever-growing concern, we want to recognise those who have sustainability at the core of their business.

2023 Winner: Mudcontrol

Mudcontrol's product is made from 100% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Andy Woodward of The Tourism Society and Andrew Burton from Pleydell Smithyman commented on the winning product: "This simple but highly functional product ticked all the boxes for the sustainability award. Being both recycled as well as recyclable, this patented and certified product satisfied customer needs at a competitive price."

New Product Award

This award recognises new products launched to push the boundaries, provide a different take on a service or feature, or introduce new and exciting opportunities to the industry.

2023 Winner: E-Pitch

E-Pitch is a fast, effective way to monitor and control power usage, allow guests to pay for what they use, keep track of the environmental impact resulting from power use and encourage guests to use less electricity. Monitor, Educate, Reduce.

Alex Phillimore of The Farming Community Network judged this award and said: "This device is capable of so much, a one stop solution for a range of issue, in particular the environmental credentials with a focus on mentoring co2 is immensely topical, farmers and other business owners alike could benefit form this technology. Affordable, efficient and Innovative."

Craig Osbourne from Unilever also judged this award and stated: "Users aren’t conscious about energy usage and this product will change their mindset and also sights are losing money by having fixed fees for their energy and this will allow them to charge the customer for only the usage they have actually used."

Innovation Award

This award recognises those who’s product or service is a true innovative trend in the Land, Leisure and Tourism industry, and have pushed the boundaries of their business to the next level! 

2023 Winner: GS4U - Ground screws 4 U

STAYGROUNDED¸ stands as a symbol of innovation in the field of siting solutions for the holiday park industry. Its commitment to revolutionising traditional practices is evident through its cutting-edge approach. By collaborating closely with structural engineers, the system has refined the installation of holiday homes, and holiday park facilities/buildings, to be quick, easy, more eco-friendly, and highly cost-effective. The innovative core of STAYGROUNDED is its 100% concrete-free design, a pioneering move that significantly reduces the carbon footprint in the holiday and leisure industry while ushering in a more sustainable era.

Janet Uttley of VisitEngland and Andrew Shirley from CLA commented on the winning product: "This product showed true innovation and met a need for the industry with minimal disruption to the environment."


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