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Google display campaign

The Display Campaign will utilise Google’s Full Display Network, targeted and monitored for best results.  

What do we need from you? 


We have a large database of customers with varying interests. Please outline below the type of market that you would like to target for best results. (Think of size of business, industry, demographics etc). 

Text Copy 

Write at least 2 headlines (30 characters max) 

Write at least 2 descriptions (90 characters max) 

Image Sizes 

We need at least 1 graphic made for the campaign, but you can make as many as you’d like up to 10. The image needs to be made in a square format and also a landscape format, so it can be shown on the most platforms.  

The images should be in the following sizes: 

Square: 1080x1080px 

Landscape: 1200x1628px 

Call To Action 

Please provide us with a Clear CTA with a link to your intended webpage 

For example – Learn More: Link to landing page 

If you need any assistance with writing or graphics, please let us know in advance and we can help. 

Click here to email us the required files


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