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Shell Scheme Name board form

Important Information
  • Please fill the space provided with the name you require to be displayed on the nameboard of your stand, please make sure you type carefully or write clearly if you have printed off, as changes that have been made due to incorrect typing will be charged for.
  • Use upper and lowercase when completing this form and include any characters you wish to appear case sensitive, however the organisers do have the right to convert all names to capitals, or break up names typed in using all capital letters in to beginning each word with a capital letter if they feel it is appropriate for the show.
  • Exhibiting Companies are not permitted to use any wording other than registered company name or trading name and all nameboard will follow standardised inclusion of capital letters with no use of abbreviations, websites or Ltd.
  • We normally provide one nameboard per open fascia, on stands that have an open fascia of 10 metres or more this can often be increased to two but this is dependent on the style of the shell scheme.
  • If a return form is not received we will take the name provide by the organisers from your contract, if it is necessary to change this after the deadline there will be a charge of £30 + VAT applied per board changed.
  • Deadline for the receipt of the nameboard return form should be no later than 21 days before show opening.
  • If you have booked a shell scheme after the deadline date please return this form immediately.


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